Everything for your home

You only live once. Make your home comfortable and homely. Here at Kochs Lifestyle, we have the suitable ideas and accessories. Discover the latest trends from the international lifestyle exhibitions here in Aachen. Which colours are ‘hip’? How are people decorating their homes in the metropolises around the globe? We can provide you with the answers and show you how everyday items can be combined with beautiful accents.

And if you enjoy cooking, then you have certainly come to the right address. In addition to kitchens, we can also provide you with kitchen utensils that are fit for professionals. Whether you require an egg whisk, a cookbook or a barbecue – call in and see us and discover items that are both beautiful and practical. For you. For your mum. For your girlfriend.

Living accessories

Relaxed and comfortable. That is how things should be at home. Find the icing on top of the cake for your home here at our showrooms.

Kitchen utensils

Able to cook like a professional chef. You certainly can. And we can provide you with the right equipment. Set to work now and find out what you are good at.

Kitchen utensils

Everything your heart desires


Only blunt knives cause injuries. Sharp blades cut precisely what you want them to cut. Are you familiar with the nail test?

Saucepans & frying pans

Toss something in the frying pan. A nice steak for instance. Discover innovative coatings and get rid of your fat.

Kochs Lifestyle

For a beautiful home

Wooden cutting boards

A different way to present your light snacks. With funny sayings and bright colours. And cutting bread becomes fun again!

Spice mills

Spice up your life. Spice mills decorate the table and pep up your food.

Grills and accessories

Barbecuing is the new form of cooking. Whether gas or charcoal. The emphasis is on having fun. Barbecues are sociable and entertaining. Try it out.

Cookery books

Five star reading material? Our cookery books have got the lot. Abundant knowledge, delicious recipes, new ideas. Come and read them!