Clear design language

With inner values

Kitchen planning is not a superficial matter. It is a matter close to people’s hearts. This is why you should give your kitchen a heart. Inner values include for instance flexible storage systems, blocks for the safe storage of knives or waste separation modules. You are spoilt for choice. Think about what you really need and what you would like to have.

Retrofits are always possible. It is easier to find things in a well-equipped kitchen and this in turn also saves time. Time that can preferably be spent cooking and eating. And so that you don’t have to sit in the dark while doing so, we will gladly advise you on the theme of lighting & co.


Whether in granite, Resopal or wood. Whether round, rectangular, long or short – patterned or plain. The options are (almost) unlimited.


We can provide taps for all demands and in all styles. Set fresh accents with your new kitchen.

More is always possible

Equipment & Co.


To ensure that everything is sufficiently illuminated, we will provide you with the appropriate sources of light. Whether stylish or romantic – you can determine the mood. At the push of a button.

Electrical appliances

Intelligent, quiet and above all energy-saving high-tech electrical appliances of elegant appearance are waiting to be discovered in the technology centre at Kochs Kitchens.

Heart of the kitchen

The layout is the key to it all

Waste separations systems

Green, yellow, blue and red – almost all colours of the rainbow are used for waste separation. An appropriate system will help you make sense of this jungle of colours.


The kitchen sink has long since evolved from being merely the “washing-up” place into a central unit where multifunctional tasks are carried out. The focus of the technology lies on comfortable working and hygiene.