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Here at Kochs, we are of the opinion that a perfect shopping experience entails more than just selling. Every day our employees strive to make your wishes come true. Satisfied customers are what incites us. As a family business in the fourth generation, we particularly look forward to young guests visiting us at our showroom. Four-legged friends are heartily welcome too. We accommodate everyone’s needs. That is a promise.
If you take a look at our employees, it becomes apparent that we are a family business. Some of the employees are working for us in the second generation.

We are proud of the fact that the majority of our team have been lending us their loyal support for years, indeed decades. With great commitment and passion, they will take care of you and your needs. Our employees are all specialists in their field and they receive continuous training so that they keep up to pace with the new technology.
Together with our team, we are already looking forward to our 100th anniversary in the year 2019. In today’s fast-paced era, it is something very special to be able to celebrate such a precious occasion. This would not be possible without your trust. And we are most grateful to you for this.

Kristoff Kochs


Walter Kochs


Ralf Bautz

Kitchen Consultants

Rainer Bergs

Kitchen Consultants

Sandra Deller

Dimitrij Faltenberg


Rebecca Franck

Customer Service & Planning

Bernd Gülpen

Warehouse Manager

Astrid Kochs


Krista Kochs

Interior Designer
int. des. grad.

Ursula Kochs


Andrea Lewonegg-Brock

Birgit Merkschien


Michael Momper


Herbert Offermanns

Kitchen Consultants

Cornelia Petter

Bernd Reimann

Customer Service

Marcel Vandijk


Daniel Henriss


Grandma. Child. Dog.

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